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  • We who were born on the Moon had a long lifespan... Our duty was to protect Earth...to watch over and guide Her people on the path of good."
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  • Feelings, sleeping in the field again, But, I can feel, I can feel I can feel it's beginning to end

  • You and I, blurred lines, We come together every time Too wrongs, no rights, We lose ourselves at night
  • "Anastasia, darling, I should hate to think you had anything to do with this." "Of course not, Mother. I'm only here for the food. "
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  • quite a common fairy.

  • It Ain`t Right, But It`s Eternal
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  • Be Grateful and Enjoy the Ride
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  • you’ve carried on so long. you couldn’t stop if you tried. you’ve build your wall so high that no one could climb it, but I’m gonna try
  • the morning after is always interesting...
  • love? that ain't a word in my vocabulary
  • you should never try to change me, I can be nobody else and I like the way I am
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  • The Princess - La emotion es mi color favorito...***
  • The Princess - God gave me you... ***
  • The Princess - Country Beach...***
  • The Princess - Heureuse... ***

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  • You don't need smoke to cover most of the world in gloom.
  • You got the luck of a Kennedy.
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  • You've never met before. But still she greets you like a long lost rock and roll. She's definitely one of those. But you'll go wherever she goes. [AF]
  • Crawling back to you.
  • Don't let me be lonely.
  • Hey little girl is your daddy home. Did he go away and leave you all alone. I got a bad desire. I'm on fire.